About Our Brand


For the bold woman. For the ‘frilly’ woman. For the f-u-n woman.
YOU are Southern Frills. WE are Southern Frills.

We are bold in our actions and our styles.
We enjoy the
frills and thrills of life.
And we aren’t afraid to celebrate and have
After all “Life’s a party – so dress like it!”

What Does ‘Bold. Frilly. Fun’ Mean to Southern Frills?

At Southern Frills we are hard-working, passionate, go-getters and we like to express that daily in our professional and personal styles. We believe in tackling challenges head-on. We embrace change and we adapt. We are forward thinking and positive. We strive to be leaders in our lives and community. We are strong women. We are bold women. 

We believe that personal style is a wonderful expression of one's character. We believe that our brand embodies all of these characteristics and we hope that you find our Southern Frills brand to be inspiring and empowering and our style collections to be unique, emboldening and ever changing.

After all, YOU, our Southern Frills customers encourage us to continue building our brand and goals. Each of you are our models in more ways than one. We are so proud to feature all local models in our community in all of our photography and are extremely blessed and grateful to work with the majorly talented Heather Chipps Townsend of Heather Chipps Photography for our website photography. No one represents our brand better than you ladies. WE (all) are Southern Frills.

From bold prints, to fun and frilly embellishments, to one of a kind designs and more! Southern Frills is proud to style you with a mix of trendy styles, sophisticated styles, classic southern styles and so much more! As always, we are invested in helping you feel like your very best self!

So go out and be a bold woman. A ‘frilly’ woman. A f-u-n woman!


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